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Step 1Review the materials list & read through the assignments so you get a general idea of what you'll be accomplishing. Gather your materials, read the instructions for the first assignment.  Watch the introduction video and first assignment video.

Step 2Complete the assignments at your own pace.  The workshop is designed to be completed within a month so we'll send you email reminders to get your assignments done. Cultivating a broad mark-making vocabulary puts all the power of pastels quite literally at your fingertips. The better your mark-making vocabulary, the more clear and eloquent your expression can become.  The focus of this workshop is to help you find and develop your own style.

Step 3Upload your work after you've completed each assignment.  Throughout the workshop, be sure to review other students' work and read feedback your own work. Enjoy your progress and new found confidence in making your mark!

“I have been following Marla’s teaching and painting for a few years now and have to say that i find her such a huge inspiration”
Linda Wright, Nova Scotia, Canada
“After trying a few other online learning approaches to pastel painting, I was about to give up on pastels, thinking that I was not going to be able to learn how to use them. Marla’s “”PastelPaintingLessons”” changed all that. ”
Bill Hansen, NY, USA
“I want you to know I watch your lessons, just to give my mind a break and get juiced up for creativity. I find it very soothing, and remarkable to watch your process. It is very well done and inspiring.”
Janelle Baglien, Portland, OR
“You have inspired me to throw myself into pastel with a passion! I cannot wait to stand at my easel every day now, throwing caution to the wind and experimenting and learning from your easy and entertaining instruction. ”
Julie, Brisbane, Australia

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Making Your Mark

I’m pleased to bring you this in-depth workshop, "Making Your Mark"! I created this workshop to help you further develop an individual voice or style as a painter which I think is something every student I've worked with wants to achieve.

Pianists often spend years and years developing a “touch”. This is different from the grammar or structure of a piece of music. It’s what makes us hear the difference between musicians playing the same piece. Miles Davis said “it takes a long time to play like yourself. “

If you've worked with me a bit, know that I’m a firm believer in mileage over talent. We need to put in our time and grade and we need to do it intentionally. Here’s where this workshop comes in.

I’m still fascinated by pastels and their ability to convene not just color, shape or things like depth, but emotion and mood. We can make a virtually an infinite variety of marks with these simple tools by altering the pressure, velocity and direction of our hand. But we want to have some control over this. To gain that control, we need to explore as many possibilities as we can.

We also need to distinguish between what might be our preferences (which are great and help us to hone our style) and our biases which could be holding us back or keeping us in a rut.

We are going to start by examining the four principle modes of mark making then we are going to put in quite a bit of mileage in combining them. Finally, we are going to revisit the idea of copying work that we admire.


Meet Marla

Meet The Inspiring Pastelist Who Created

Marla is an incredibly talented fine artist who works with galleries throughout the US. Every year she travels the globe teaching workshops, speaking at art events to inspire other painters. Last year she launched a new website to the public with the purpose of helping thousands of struggling artists to succeed.

“My Working process is a simple one; I start on location, sketching, photographing and painting. Some of these field studies make their way to the studio.

In the studio I use all of that visual information and combine it with the sense or feeling I had for a location and create what is inevitably an abstraction of sorts in that it is not merely a copy of a photo but an interpretation of place. I hope that you enjoy the work!” 

-Marla Baggetta

What's Included?

“Thank you very much for the great workshop [Trees in Pastel]!I am very happy with the progress I’ve made in the last months with both of your workshops.”

“I must tell you, after your Making Your Mark workshop...I feel I am improving and I won the grand prize / first place in the professional division of the festival.  I was blown away.”

“I have had people telling me that they can see a huge improvement in my art in the past year and I have you to thank for that. When I signed up for the pastel lessons I told you that I needed someone to help me to the next level. Thanks for helping me.”

"I finished your course and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve been doing oil and the pastels are a new and wonderful experience. Your practical advice was great, and I also got a lot out of your review of the basics - value, color, composition.

New York

Assignment #1

It’s easy to get into a rut about mark making, so I think it’s useful to examine what it is we are doing and why.

Assignment #2

Really stretch yourself here! Have fun and try to do it differently.

Assignment #3

For this exercise we are going to bring our mark-making vocabulary into the landscape realm. 

Assignment #4

We’ll take our mark-making cues from the master by choosing a piece of Degas’ work.

Assignment #5

Here is a perfect opportunity to bust out your biggest strokes and to play with all the modes of mark-making we’ve been experimenting with.

Assignment #6

I’ve added both media and tools to expand your study of mark making. These demonstrations are meant to be jumping off points for you. 

PDF - Instructional Guide

Follow along with beautifully made step-by-step instructional PDF guide written and produced by Marla.

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